Best Liquid Kashk for Sale

Consumption of liquid kashk and kashk powder has been common not only among Iranians in the past, but also by Kurdish and Arab tribes. Today, kashk and its varieties are produced and used both traditionally and industrially. Online sales of kashk in dairy stores are done directly by selecting the desired product with a simple contact with the sales unit of each wholesale site of kashk and make your purchase in any city and by carriers from all over the country will deliver the cargo to you. Wholesale and cheap sales. This type of sales is much better and cheaper than other sales methods.

Best Liquid Kashk for Sale

How to Make Persian Liquid Kashk?

How to Make Persian Liquid Kashk? How to prepare homemade kashk recipe with yogurt? If you do not have sour yogurt, it is better to put it out of the refrigerator for two or three days to make it sour. It is better to use local yogurts. Mix yogurt with water. Add salt. Do not add too much salt at this stage, as it may become salty. Pour the mixture into a bottle and close it. Shake the bottle and stir. After they are completely homogeneous, put a pot of the right size on the heat. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and bring to a boil. 10 minutes is enough to boil. When the dough is boiled, it will be cut. Take a clean cotton swab and pour the sliced ​​buttermilk into it and hang it somewhere. Place a container under a cloth bag so that water is not wasted.

It takes about 8 or 9 hours for the buttermilk to lose its water. After the buttermilk juice comes out, take the kashk out of the bag. Taste the salt. If the salt was low, add at this point. Take the size of a walnut from the obtained yeast and form it into a ball. You can also make kashks in the form of cylinders and tubes. Place the kashks in a place where air is flowing from all sides. For example, put them in a basket and move them a little away from the ground. From time to time, rotate them to allow them to dry faster. Once dry, hang them in a container. If you keep them a little damp, it is best to refrigerate them to prevent mold. Pour a little purified water and salt into the blender and beat until it reaches the desired concentration. The shelf life of kashk is 3 days in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer. You can pour the kashks in the form of ice and shape it to your liking.

Tips on how to make homemade kashk: When you hang the bag, do not push it to empty the water. Allow the excess water to drain slowly without your intervention. You can also add your favorite aromatic dried herbs such as thyme, savory or shallot powder to the kashk at this stage. If your kashk was very dry, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of the water that came out of the yogurt to the kashk. If you notice that your yogurt has a lot of butter after pouring the dough into the bowl, put a small mold of ice in it. The spheres gather around the ice. Separate the butter and then put the pot on the heat. Another way to separate butter from buttermilk is to pour a mixture of yogurt and water, buttermilk, into a bottle and stir. In this case, the butter collects in the initial part of the bottle. It is better not to separate all the butter, as it will cause the kashk to disintegrate.

If your buttermilk was low, use a little flour to get the curds to their own. It is not bad to know that the fatter your buttermilk, the darker your curd will be after it dries. If your yogurt is not sour from the beginning and you want to put the yogurt in a place where it is fermented and sour, do not close the container completely so that it does not crack. You can turn the water that comes out of the bag into kask.

What are the Different Forms of Kashk?

There are different types of kashk, each of which can be different in terms of production method and appearance. In the following, we will introduce different types of this delicious and nutritious food.

  • Pasteurized kashk, liquid kashk: This type of kashk has more moisture and water and has a higher percentage of nutrients and protein. But the downside of liquid kashk is that because it is liquid, it can absorb more contaminants and germs and harm the health of the consumer. For this reason, industrial liquid kashks should be pasteurized and, if prepared in the traditional way, should be consumed in a short period of time in addition to hygiene during production. You can also boil the kashk a little before eating to be sure to remove any germs and contamination.
  • Gray kashk: Cast iron or gray pot kashk is prepared in South Khorasan, it has a dark color and is one of the foods consumed by the people of this region of Khorasan. This type of kashk is obtained by boiling and concentrating butter in a cast iron pot, which is why it is also known as cast iron curd. Gray kashk is used to cook a variety of local and non-local dishes and gives a pleasant color and taste.
  • Yellow kashk: Yellow kashk is also known by other names such as Zaboli yellow kashk and Khaf kashk. This type of kashk, which is in the form of yellow powder, is used by the people of South Khorasan. The yellowness of this kashk is caused by the addition of turmeric during the preparation process. The people of this area make milk or sheep yogurt in kashk and store it for the winter. Yellow kashk is commonly used to make foods such as kale, porridge with minced meat and porridge without meat.
  • Soy kashk: Soy kashk is a new type of industrial curd made from soy protein. Due to the nutrients in soy, consumption of this type of kashk can be effective in maintaining the health of the body. One of the benefits of soy is its anti-cancer properties, and due to its high protein content, it can keep a person full for a long time. Soy kashk can be used like ordinary kashks to prepare foods such as kashk Bademjan, noodle soup and Halim Bademjan.

What Cuisines is Liquid Kashk Used?

What Cuisines is Liquid Kashk Used? Kashk has been a staple in the Iranian eating routine for millennia. In current Iran, Persian kashk is a thick whitish fluid like whey or acrid cream, utilized in customary Persian and Kurdish food, similar to debris reshteh, kashk Bademjan, kale joush. It is accessible as a fluid or in a dried structure, which should be splashed and mellowed before it very well may be utilized in cooking. Kashk was generally delivered from the extras of cheddar making, all the more explicitly, the milk used to make it. The method is, deducting spread from milk, the rest of doogh which can be utilized as the base for kashk. The water is deducted from this whitish drink and what remains is kashk which can be dried. Iranian kashk has shown up in US markets in the past 50 years by a few Iranian merchants beginning with Kashk Hendessi.

What are Amazing Benefits of Kashk?

Kashk is a by-product of milk that is made by drying and concentrating yogurt or buttermilk. The bacteria that make this great product give it a different, sour taste. This process helps the nutrients in milk to last longer. This delicious food is used to prepare many foods and has more protein than milk. In addition, its properties can not be ignored; Therefore, we will refer to them in the following.

  • Help digest food: People who suffer from indigestion can solve this problem by consuming this nutrient regularly. Among the benefits of whey is the balance of stomach acid, which will have a great effect in the treatment of gastric diseases. The properties of this product in pH level management make it a suitable treatment for indigestion.
  • Impact on weight loss: People trying to lose weight should take this nutrient seriously in their diet. Due to the large amount of calcium in dried kashk, it can be used to fight obesity. Calcium limits the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which helps prevent weight gain. Therefore, to prevent the secretion of the hormone cortisol, one should eat a certain amount of this nutrient regularly. Consumption of about 500g per day is enough to provide the calcium needed by the body.
  • Strengthen and strengthen the bones: This product is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, and both of these elements strengthen the bones. Therefore, its properties are a very ideal option to meet the body’s need for calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Regular consumption of this nutrient makes bones stronger and this will prevent problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Liquid and Dry Kashk in Bulk

Liquid and Dry Kashk in Bulk This product is sold in bulk and at a price without intermediaries and directly on this site. Dried kashk can be found in two industrial and traditional samples in the market. In the traditional sample, all its stages are produced by the natives of the region. This sample of kashk has a higher price than factory dried kashk. Dry curd can be mentioned as the main type of kashk because it is a dry kashk that can be pasteurized into liquid kashk and also used to prepare soft curd with a variety of designs. Original dried kashk has a high price because it is pure and if it is produced for a high volume, they have to use starch, kashk powder and flour to make it. This sample is economical in bulk purchase of curd and from the factory door and it brings high profits.

If you are going to buy high quality dried kashk, we suggest that you get the necessary information from reputable dairy stores as well as large sites that work professionally on these products. Offers to its customers in the form of wholesale sales.

Persian Liquid Kashk to Export

Dried kashk for export to neighboring countries such as Turkmenistan, has a very good marketability and has special conditions for export through this complex. Kashk, because it is one of the by-products of milk and is in the category of Iranian dairy products and is produced specifically in Iranian factories, has very good export conditions today. The extraordinary properties and kashk nutritional value of kashk for humans is one of the most important reasons why this product has its special fans, especially in Iran and neighboring countries such as Turkmenistan. Dry kashk is one of the types of kashk produced and available in the market, which always has a higher price rate than liquid kashk due to its larger volume and drying. Dried kashks are more common in local samples and are generally produced in much smaller quantities than liquid kashk.

Dried kashk has many fans in Iran today due to its many benefits, including effective slimming and suitable for bodybuilders. Since kashk with this concentration and quality is produced only in the provinces of Iran, it seems that neighboring countries, aware of the properties of this milk product, are more eager to buy it. For this reason, at present, except for other Iranian dairy products, we have witnessed very good conditions for the export of kashks to countries such as Turkmenistan.

Know the Taste of Kashk before You Buy Some

Know the Taste of Kashk before You Buy Some Do you know that buying dried kashk in the Iranian natural products market directly and without intermediaries at a very reasonable price? Which kashk distribution center offers the price of dry kashk at the producer price? How is the sale and purchase of kashk in the trade market? Perhaps you have not been aware of the fact that curd is one of the products produced in Iran. Also, this product is the most produced in Iran. Kashk has attracted the attention of foreign countries due to its different properties and taste in the dairy category and has caused them to turn to this product because Iran is one of the largest producers of dried kashk and is also ranked in the export market.

It is worth mentioning that today all local liquid kashk production units have been able to use all their power in this field to be able to best meet the needs of the people in this area so that all people across Iran can in the best possible way. By referring to reputable production centers, they can benefit from all kinds of local liquid kashk with acceptable and high quality, and have the utmost satisfaction and satisfaction from the purchase that they have brought to themselves in this field.

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