Best Quality Black Kashk to Export

Black kashk is a good item to export; because it is a special product of Iran; It is a good source of needed matters of human’s body. So it can be useful for all humankind. We can export this product, till all the people around the world get familiar with it and take benefit from it. Exporting this product transfers some cultures to other countries and people get known with our culture and traditions around the world. It adds a flavor to other people’s meals for those who have never tried it.

Black Kashk to Export

Different Types Of Kashks

Different Types Of Kashks Kashk has different types, and it depends on the way it is made. It is usually made by rural or herders. They make kashk in a traditional way; actually, two kinds have existed: The yogurt kind and the buttermilk kind. The rural usually put the yogurt in a leather bottle and shake it for a while till they can divide the butter; after that, they pour the buttermilk in a cauldron put it in the oven, and boil them for a long time. The containing material is poured on a piece of cloth, after a while the remained amount is shaped like a ball or cylinder. Then they give them time to dry.

  • Cast iron or gray pot kashk: This kashk is obtained by boiling and concentrating dough in cast iron pots in a special way and is known by the same name. Gray kashk is one of the foods of the people of South Khorasan. This kashk is rich and filling.
  • Yellow kashk: This kashk, which is one of the foods of the people of South Khorasan, is a dry yellow powder that has been left from ancient times. Its dry powder is prepared to prepare a kind of boiling pot of porridge, with or without minced meat, in the high season of milk and is stored for cold winter days.
  • Siah Kashk or Qarah Qaroot: Qarah means black and Qaroot means Kashk means Turkish. One type of dairy is black or brown and sometimes white or yellow, which has a sour taste. This dairy product is made from buttermilk or yogurt.
  • and so on.

Essential Protein of Black Kashk You Should Consider

Essential Protein of Black Kashk You Should Consider Black kashk contains some essential Amino acid that is necessary for our body. These Amino acids are the ingredient of the protein that the body itself can not make it. These Amino acids usually exist in a kind of supplement that the athletes usually use it. It also is educed from milk. You need to consider the essential protein of black Kashk because you have to provide this protein for your body and black kashk can help you for this goal.

Despite its small size, kashk is a miracle food that contains all the properties of milk and contains calcium, fat, salt, protein niacin, vitamin B3. The amount of energy produced by 100g of curd is about 105 to 1200 kcal, which can be included as one of the energy suppliers needed by the body in the daily diet. The most important therapeutic use of kashk is to prevent the onset or progression of osteoporosis. The appropriate amount of calcium and phosphorus and the ratio of these two nutrients in the composition of whey have created ideal conditions for the optimal use of whey in the prevention of osteoporosis. Traditionally, in some parts of the country, eating kashk is recommended daily for pregnant women, which is a scientific suggestion and recommendation if the relevant health issues observe.

Black Kashk Distribution

Black Kashk Distribution The supply of high-quality fresh kashk in the market is done by big manufacturers and this product is distributed directly and indirectly in the market. This product is produced with guaranteed quality, and you can buy it in bulk and in one place through Order from this specialized and reputable sales center. You can order it in bulk and in one place through this specialized and reputable sales center. And then get it delivered to your desired place in the shortest possible time. This product has attracted many customers and buyers in the kashk market due to its reasonable price and high quality. It is more economical.


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