Economic Revolution in Trading Unique Curd Packet

Whey is one of the dairy products derived from the buttermilk. This product, which is based in Iran, due to its richness in calcium, protein and other minerals and vitamins, plays a wide role in the growth and health of the body. Kashk is one of the products that has traditionally and traditionally been part of our people’s diet. In Iran, first, the villagers would pour yogurt into the musk, then shake it and separate the butter from it and a curd packet cost product was obtained. Kashk is known by different names depending on the geography of different dialects and regions.

Economic Revolution in Trading Unique Curd Packet

Why Investing in Curd Pocket Market Has a Bright Future?

Why Investing in Curd Pocket Market Has a Bright Future? Snack whey can be suitable as a completely healthy and nutritious snack for children, adolescents, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, as well as athletes and people with a slimming diet. Ingredients used in the preparation of this product include low-fat yogurt, powdered milk, black seed and sesame, walnuts, saffron and refined table salt. The presence of any of these additives such as walnuts, sesame and saffron leads to an increase in other health effects of the product. This product has a higher nutritional value than other dairy products.

The amount of protein in it is about 50-60% which is about 20 times more than the protein in milk (3.3%). Among the products obtained from fermentation is whey. This product is prepared by heating and thickening buttermilk, yogurt with buttermilk in 2 forms, dry or liquid. Whey contains most of the nutrients in milk, so it has good nutritional value. These nutrients include proteins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. These compounds are especially effective in preventing osteoporosis.

Unlimited Distribution of Bulk Priced Curd Packets in the Middle East

Unlimited Distribution of Bulk Priced Curd Packets in the Middle East Curd Food Products and Packaging Company, as a leader in the curd market and one of the oldest curd producers in Iran, have wholesale started to produce Iran’s first snack curd, relying on technical knowledge, experience and to meet the needs of the market. Packaged curds are made from fresh curds and are considered a tasty and enjoyable snack product due to their slicing and crispness as well as their balanced salinity.

Curd contains protein, calcium and phosphorus and therefore can be best beneficial for the body in terms of nutrients and nutritional value. This product is produced and supplied in packages of 20 grams and individually and is suitable for single consumption as a snack as a healthy snack. Our consultants and experts are ready to advise you, dear customers. Our packaging is standard and organic. Products are sent to all parts of the country in the shortest possible time.

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