Healthy Curd Wholesale Distribution

Healthy curd wholesale distribution by this agency at a reasonable price has caused more people to go to this center to buy this product and buy curd in bulk, to make it more economical for them, buying all kinds of healthy and quality curds in this dealership is mostly done by people who are selling these products all over the country.

Healthy Curd Wholesale Distribution

How Can I Identify the Good Curds

How Can I Identify the Good Curds Good curds can be identified by color, which is creamy and milky the curd kernel is composed of large rhizomes and cracks, and the smell of curd is fragrant and well-tolerated, and its taste is pleasant, with a relatively good shelf life of at least two months. The smell of curd depends on the smell of the raw material, milk or yogurt, and the processes that take place in it in the factory, and not all milk has the same smell, on the other hand, just as meat smells different when cooked in different ways. curd has a specific color due to the processes it is exposed to, and you should pay attention to it and the microbes in the curd, whether they are pathogenic or beneficial, also create a specific color in the curd.

If the color of curd is red, it is because iron dishes are used, if it is green, it is because of high humidity and proximity to hot weather, all of this causes the curd to have several different molds, and to identify a good curd, you should pay attention to these points, soft curd and other curds, like any other food, have different qualities. If the curds are moldy, you must throw them away and germ cells may be killed by boiling the curd, but the cell components and toxins created remain inside the food and this can be a factor, it can be dangerous to cause disease, so be sure to pay attention to these points to identify good quality curd.

Which Raw Material Is Used in Curd Production?

Which Raw Material Is Used in Curd Production? Curds raw material in production is non-fat yogurt, high quality milk is delivered that this milk must have a low microbial load and for the rapid growth of yogurt germs, it does not have any antibiotics and the rest of the disinfectant compounds, the acidity of this milk should be less than 17 degrees Dornick. Pasteurization of after-wheel milk is done continuously at a temperature of 95-90 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes or non-continuously at a temperature of 85-80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. In the curd manufacture line stage, the sour yogurt produced is heated for 30 minutes at boiling temperature to change color, odor and taste, this operation is performed in double-walled tanks.

During this operation, part of the yogurt water evaporates and its proteins are denatured, in this way, the yogurt texture is concentrated, then in the curd production line, this yogurt is cooled and put into a separator for dehydration, in the separator, the water separates and the dry weight of the product increases, for dehydration, you can also use a completely clean and hygienic cloth filter and pour the cooked yogurt into it and complete the dehydration process to create cheese.

Healthy Curd Manufacturer

Healthy Curd Manufacturer Healthy curd manufacturers in the country to respond to a wide range of customers have increased the speed of production in the country so that they can achieve mass production of these products, this issue has caused buyers not to worry about supplying of these products by referring to the centers active in the field of sales of these products can easily buy the required volume. Manufacturers in the country with complete and accurate information and modern machines in the world use the raw materials of this product to produce the best product. This manufacturer puts curds in standard packaging, also, a laboratory has been provided to control and evaluate the performance of these products in these factories in order to package these products based on their quality and size.

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