Pasteurized Curd Manufacturers

Manufacturers of dried Kashk today can meet the number of requests of their major customers by producing high volume, and the production of high volume curd is the signs of demand in this product. Traditional dried curd is one of the best examples of curd on the market, in which you can receive your order by buying in bulk from the manufacturers. The wholesale price of pasteurized curd varies according to its quality and is sold at different prices. Premium curd has been made possible through incredible sales sites, dried curd has been categorized according to its quality and shapes.

Pasteurized Curd Manufacturers

Which Is Better Curd or Yogurt?

Which Is Better Curd or Yogurt? Dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, curd and cream are a group of foods that have high nutritional value. Milk and yogurt are no different in terms of nutritional value. In fact, yogurt is the milk from which some of the sugar is converted to lactic acid. The more fermented the sugar in the yogurt, the more sour the yogurt will be. Because milk heats up when it turns into yogurt and its water evaporates, a glass of yogurt is as nutritious as a glass of milk, but the energy content of yogurt is slightly lower. On the other hand, calcium and minerals are better absorbed due to lactic acid in yogurt.

Curd is the opposite of cream, meaning it is low in fat and high in protein. In traditional industrial methods, milk fat is completely removed and other residues are heated to dryness. Curd is a good source of protein. Dried curd has about 70% of good protein and fresh curd has less protein in terms of water content. Traditional local curd is one of the most unique types of curds in bulk that does not spoil easily, but it is better to be consumed fresh because the old curd has lost its true taste and does not have its original quality. This feature is very accurate. Liquid whey is a combination of good bacteria in milk. Bacteria thicken milk and give it a different taste, which is sour.

Health Benefits of Pasteurized Curd for Pregnant Woman

Health Benefits of Pasteurized Curd for Pregnant Woman The most important therapeutic use of whey is to prevent the onset or progression of osteoporosis. The appropriate amount of calcium and phosphorus and the ratio of these two nutrients in the composition of whey have created ideal conditions for the optimal use of whey in the prevention of osteoporosis. Traditionally, in some parts of the country, whey is eaten daily by breastfeeding mothers and Pregnant women are advised that if the relevant health issues are observed, it is a scientific suggestion and recommendation.

The health status and nutrition of mothers and infants are important indicators of the burden of any disease. Calcium is the body’s most abundant mineral and is essential for many different mechanisms and reactions, such as muscle contraction, bone formation, the function of enzymes and hormones. At birth, the fetus makes up 98% of its skeleton and stores about 30g of calcium. Calcium is actively transported throughout the placenta, calcium transfer to the placenta depends on transport proteins, which form the carrier between mother and fetus, starting from mother to fetus at 12 weeks of gestation, usually at 36 weeks. 99% of the calcium flow from mother to fetus, and this process is active and unilateral until the third trimester, 250-350 mg of calcium is accumulated daily.

Pasteurized Curd for Export

Pasteurized Curd for Export Iran has been operating for many years as one of the best countries in the Middle East in the field of export of dairy products. Iran’s geographical and climatic location has led to a boom in dairy exports in this country and traders export quality dairy products to most countries in the region. Export curds are one of the best quality curds produced, which use the best raw materials in its production. These curds are marketed in completely hygienic packages and are produced under the supervision of the ministry of health. To buy this product, you must pay attention to its brand and buy products approved by the ministry of health.

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