Pure Liquid Kashk Main Suppliers

The main suppliers of pure liquid Kashk are many large commercial and manufacturing Kashk factories in Iran. Many of these factories produce these products with excellent quality and various packaging to various markets and chain stores. Many of them export their products to neighboring countries and even Europe. Factors that have caused some factories to make a good profit from the sale of exports of liquid Kashk.

Pure Liquid Kashk Main Suppliers

What is Liquid Kashk Made of?

What is Liquid Kashk Made of? kashk liquid is a by-product of milk that is traditionally made by boiling, concentrating, or drying buttermilk leftovers from skim butter or yogurt. The raw material for Kashk is the milk of sheep, goats, cows or a mixture of them. In the food industry, Kashk is produced directly from milk by industrial processes in the form of liquid Kashk. Traditional liquid Kashk is made by grinding and diluting dry Kashk, which is usually unpasteurized. In different parts of the country, due to nomadic livestock and the lack of access to most rural ranchers in the pasteurized milk factory, the surplus milk produced is converted into Kashk and as a result, its storage capacity increases. Today, the taste of good curd is almost forgotten. However, with today’s tools such as the stirrer, the kashk sauce mill is by no means difficult.

After crushing, pour the dried Kashk in the mill and keep it in a closed container in a cool place for a long time. An hour before consumption, soak a few tablespoons of curd powder in a glass or two of water and then pour the same water into an electric mixer. This makes the Kashk freshly ground. Pour some boiled water and a little salt in the blender and stir until it reaches the right concentration, you can keep the liquid Kashk in the refrigerator for a few days. To prepare liquid Kashk, first add water to the sour yogurt and mix well until the mixture is smooth. Then boil the dough for 10 minutes to cut the dough. As described above, make a bag with a cotton cloth and pour the dough into it. Hang the bag of buttermilk somewhere to drain the water.

When the buttermilk juice is taken from it, the Kashk remains. Mix this Kashk with a little clean water as well as a little salt and stir with a good mixer. You can also use an electric mixer to get the curd to the desired concentration. It should be noted that the shelf life of liquid Kashk is short and it spoils quickly. So that liquid kashk taste can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can also pour liquid curd in ice and put it in the freezer for a maximum of 3 months and use it if needed.

Nutritional and Functional Properties of Kashk

Low-volume Kashk is a miracle food that has all the properties of milk and contains calcium, fat, salt, protein and niacin (vitamin B3). The amount of energy produced with 100 grams of curd is about 105 to 120 kcal, which can be included as one of the energy suppliers needed by the body in the daily diet. The amount of nutrients in different Kashks depends on the type of processing as well as the milk or its raw material. It is interesting to know that in the Middle East and some African countries, food is prepared in the form of fermentation, of which Kashk is a part, but in the world, this food is known as Kashk. Tarkhineh is similar to this food, which is prepared especially in the western regions of the country.

To prepare this dish, wheat semolina, local vegetables and doogh or Kashk are mixed together and the dough is dried into small balls by fermenting the doogh and stored for consumption in cold seasons. The most important therapeutic use of whey is to prevent the onset or progression of osteoporosis. The right amount of calcium and phosphorus and the ratio of these two nutrients in the composition of kashk healthy have created ideal conditions for the optimal use of Kashk in the prevention of osteoporosis. Traditionally, in some parts of the country, eating Kashk on a daily basis is recommended for pregnant mothers, which is a scientific suggestion if the relevant health issues are observed.

Kashk is one of the tasty and popular dishes that is used in the preparation of some Iranian dishes. This food, which is one of the by-products of milk, has milk-like properties. Of course, if the Kashk is low in salt, it has more benefits. This food contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, fat, salt, protein and vitamins and has health benefits and properties. Kashk is very nutritious and contains calcium, fat, salt, protein and niacin (vitamin B3). This delicious food can help provide the body with the energy it needs, because every 100 grams of curd produces about 105 to 120 kcal of energy. The amount of nutrients in Kashk depends on how it is processed, as well as milk or raw materials, and the denser the Kashk, the more protein it has. The lower the moisture content of kashk shelf life and the less processed it is, the more nutrients it has, especially calcium. Kashk is available in both dry and liquid forms, both of which are high in calcium, which is equivalent to milk, so if you have a calcium deficiency, one of your options is to use Kashk.

Kashk contains a significant amount of protein and therefore its consumption is useful for people of growing age, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and athletes. The benefits of Kashk are enormous, with over 25 properties listed, including helping to lose weight, preventing osteoporosis, reducing skin infections, and more. Kashk with a high content of organic acids can act as a disinfectant for the gastrointestinal tract as well as the small and large intestines. In addition, it is very useful for skin infections. To use this property of Kashk, it is enough to soak a handkerchief in Kashk and use it.

This Kashk-soaked tissue can have antiseptic properties for your skin. If you are looking for a miraculous solution to sunburn problems, a mixture of curd and lemon juice helps to cure sunburn and remove and remove brown spots. Note that the Kashk itself can be used directly by placing the Kashk directly on the sunburned area, but its combination with chamomile sweat also works wonders. You can use whey mask to rejuvenate your skin. This mask contains a tablespoon of Kashk, a tablespoon of vitamin C, green tea leaves and a little honey and helps reduce skin wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

What is the Difference Between Kashk and Whey?

What is the Difference Between Kashk and Whey? Kashk is a dairy product made by shepherds. It is obtained from Shiraz doogh decoction or the same tuff and then it is pelleted and dried. This food is obtained locally by drying tuff or Shiraz. Kashk is highly valued in Asia, especially in Iran, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries. This food is produced in different types and colors.

Whey is the product of the process of drying the water separated from the milk, after the process of making cheese or leaching, whey powder produced from the UF process, until it reaches a moisture content of 3-4%. One of the most important features of this product, in addition to solubility, density and microbial properties, is the presence of lactose in crystalline form, which maintains its quality and prevents the absorption of moisture.

Different Ways to Use Kashk

In most countries, Kashk is prepared in different ways and used in different ways. For example, in Afghanistan, Kashk is used for things like our own country, Iran, in China, Kashk is used as a snack and used in soups and food. They make different things. In France, fermented kashk and its powder are used in desserts and sweets and sometimes in the form of cream. Kashk is the main ingredient in many traditional foods, such as boils, soups, and is also used as a spice or salt in some foods. Soften dried Kashk by soaking it in water and eating it as a snack with fragrant vegetables. Of course, in many areas, Kashk is left as a dry snack and eaten. Industrial curd is made from yogurt in factories and is produced in a controlled process in the form of paste or liquid or powder and is offered to the consumer market. In its production, pasteurized milk is first converted into yogurt, and by heating the yogurt, its water is separated and then dehydrated, and after salting, the obtained product is cooled and then packaged.

Various Packages of Kashk Products

Various Packages of Kashk Products Packaged Kashks have attracted many customers today. Because these Kashks are under the supervision of the Health and Food and Drug Administration in terms of health and safety. So it can be consumed more safely. It is one of the sample curds which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and has a standard mark and all the steps of its preparation are done automatically and by advanced devices. These sample Kashks have different weights and have various packages that are marketed in a stylish and beautiful way.

There are different types of packing Kashk that each buyer chooses according to his needs. Experts can advise you to make the best purchase according to your needs and depending on the sale and supply in the market. In terms of price and quality, sales experts will submit your request. Kashk, like other products in our country, has experienced price fluctuations, which are due to the increase in dairy prices, which has affected the purchase of raw materials by producers. Packaging Kashk is priced based on the amount of flour and purity and the type of packaging it has. To buy these products with different flavors and weights, you can contact the sites of major sellers and choose the best prices for yourself.

Selling packaged kashk in balk for export to the market of different countries can be one of the best examples of food products in this field. Bulk purchase at factory door price is a great and cost-effective solution that eliminates intermediaries and you will make more profit in this regard. High-quality and stylish packaging by up-to-date machines, this sample of products is the first word in the export trade discussion. It is possible to sell packaged Kashk on different sites. You can easily choose the type of packaged samples.

Main Country in Exporting Kashk

Selling packaged Kashks for export to international markets is a good option because traders in this field easily have good routes to supply such products. The export of one kilogram of Kashk to Iraq and neighboring countries has led to the appreciation and prosperity of the economic cycle. People who work in the field of exporting this product believe that by exporting this product, they have been able to strengthen the country’s economy. This product is one of the food and non-oil products that has had a great impact on the country’s economy. Iran exports Kashk to most neighboring countries, including Iraq, Turkey, the UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan and even other countries. Export of Iranian Kashk can provide special areas of profitability. Selling all kinds of Kashk from the factory door and without intermediaries is one of the many activities of factories. They have provided the possibility of offering a first-hand price along with the supply of Kashk. With the support of Iranian products, today we are witnessing an increase in production activities in various fields, including Iranian Kashk in the market, which can be exported to other countries.

Premium Liquid Kashk Main Distributor

Premium Liquid Kashk Main Distributor The main distributor of premium liquid Kashk is many Iranian factories. They even export this type of curd to many countries in the Middle East and Europe to make a profit. To get a list of the main distributors of this Kashk, you can visit many reputable internet sites and easily find the main distributors of premium Kashk. These distributors offer a variety of high quality products to the market. Distribution of premium liquid Kashk through companies and factories producing this product is done directly and by eliminating intermediaries, these products also distribute this valuable food product through their agencies and sales offices. Websites and online stores also distribute premium liquid Kashk online and are one of the most available distributors.

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