Salty Mozzarella Cheese Wholesaler

Years of cheesemaking experience and a love for what we do ensures unique quality every time. That’s why our salty mozzarella cheese is preferred for home cooks and professional chefs alike! Our team of cheese sales experts is what makes us the best on the market.

Why choose us

  • Experience: We are proud on our years of experience in supplying the quality salty mozzarella cheese and we will definitely never lose your trust.
  • High Quality: Receiving domestic and international awards and certificates is our quality guarantee.
  • Quality and fresh raw materials: Use healthy and organic raw materials for better quality and fresh products.
  • leading experts: Our products are manufactured specifically with our leading chefs and industry experts.

We provide the perfect solution for you and your business and for all home cooks. We sells direct to the public at our cheese factory.

Salty Mozzarella Cheese Wholesaler

Features of a High Quality Mozzarella Cheese

Features of a High Quality Mozzarella Cheese

Fresh mozzarella cheese is an extremely versatile food product that has a wide range of flavor, textures and end uses. The vast majority of mozzarella cheese is eaten not by itself, but as part of another food. As an ingredient in foods, cheese is required to exhibit functional characteristics in the raw as well as cooked forms. Melting, stretching, free-oil formation, elasticity and browning are the functional properties considered to be significant for salty mozzarella cheese.

Factors affecting the quality of salty mozzarella cheese

Type of milk

Ability to grate

Ability to cover the pizza




Shape, size and number of golden dots

The rate at which fat appears

Chewing property,elasticity

Effect of rennet type

Cheese composition

  • Fat content
  • Lactose/galactose content
  • Moisture content

Method of salting and salt content

Quality of mozzarella cheese dictating its end use application in food system.

Different Uses of Salty Mozzarella Cheese

Different Uses of Salty Mozzarella Cheese

Best mozzarella cheese , a highly nutritious and palatable food, is of significant value in the diet since it comprises of almost all of the protein, fat, essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

There is a growing demand for salty mozzarella cheeses and cheese ingredients in the pizza, burger, and sandwich trade. Since mozzarella cheese is an integral part of food products, it is becoming increasingly important for the cheese manufacturers to produce their cheese according to the functionalities required for the end use.

If you are a fan of making fast food like pizzas, you can definitely use mozzarella cheeses to create a different taste in them.

Mozzarella cheeses are used in salads, cold sandwiches and other foods such as Crostini.

It is possible to serve mozzarella cheeses with a little olive oil and salt.

Some people use this type of cheese to fatten different types of meat or to soften samples of stuffed chicken.

The combination of this cheese with tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil is one of the best snacks on hot days.

As salty mozzarella origin is in Italy from buffalo milk and due to the many properties of buffalo milk, including phosphorus, calcium and various vitamins, so this cheese can be used as a nutrient source in cooking other foods.

Salty Mozzarella Cheese Wholesale Distributor

Salty Mozzarella Cheese Wholesale Distributor Mozzarella cheese is distributed according to market needs and supply. Mozzarella cheese producers are trying to improve their quality in order to sell well in the world and in the domestic market and this has led to the creation of many factories worldwide to produce mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese sellers have created various ways to better sell their products, so that customers can easily buy mozzarella cheese.

What attracts customers at first glance is the quality of the product; So if a product is of high quality, it can definitely attract many customers and buyers for bulk purchase.

By going directly to our distribution center of quality mozzarella cheese, you can buy the best type of product at a reasonable and affordable price and be exempted from paying some additional costs such as shipping costs and storage costs. This product is packaged and marketed in different weights that customers and buyers can buy and use the best type according to their needs.

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