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Suppliers of whey powders protein in the UK get part of the products from domestic manufacturers and import the rest from abroad. In the post pandemic era, consumption of whey powder protein in UK increased significantly and it is inspected to go up more than 4% till 2027. As British people are the most consumers of whey powder protein in Europe, its market is highly competitive and attract for global and local players. The most important suppliers of whey powder in UK are Arla Foods, Glanbia Plc, Carbery Group, Lactalis Ingredients and DMK group.

Beside domestic suppliers and manufacturers, UK imports whey powder from other countries. Its first trade partner regarding whey powder is Ireland. As Trade Map statistics show, in 2021, 35% (23,083 metric tons) of UK imported whey powder came from Ireland. Netherland with 24.5% (10,443 tons) was in second place, while Germany, France and Denmark were in next rates by 17.6%, 11.6%, and 4.7% respectively.

Supplies and manufacturers of whey powder protein face a growing market in post pandemic era. This protein is partly provided by domestic suppliers and partly imported from other countries like Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. As the market and consumption of whey powder protein have been growing day by day, it is a profitable business for both suppliers and manufactures in the UK and other countries.

Whey protein manufacturers UK

In growing competitive whey protein market in the UK in post pandemic era, the important manufacturers are preparing to respond the extra demands for whey protein. The five major players in whey protein industry- Arla Foods, Glanbia Plc, Carbery Group, Lactalis Ingredients and DMK group- initiate an extensive plan to research and develop new products to meet consumers demands and maintain the market more stable.

Recently, some of the key manufacturers of whey protein have had important achievement regarding new and innovative product launches. For instance, in 2021, Carbery started a new hydrolyzed whey protein, Optipep 4Power, which designed for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Another example of recent development is Lindahls Pro, which launched in 2021 by Lactalis Nestle for high protein products that contains a 50:50 mix of whey protein and casein protein.

Despite of declining the consumption of whey protein during pandemic time, consuming of protein in post pandemic era increase significantly in UK, even more than other European averages. The major whey protein manufacturers try respond to growing demands for protein and stabilize the market. They have strategic plans for long time and initiate some innovative product launches.

Whey protein manufacturers UK


Wholesale Protein powder supplier

As the world consumption and wholesale of whey powder protein has go up in recent years, every supplier and manufacturers from major producer countries initiate plans to respond to these growing demands and expand their supply globally. According to the official statistics, the value of global whey powder in 2016 was nearly $ 7 billion and it is inspected to reach about $ 13 billion in 2024.

The most important reasons of the growing demands are increasing focus on health and fitness, opting of consumers for ready to go meal and beverage due to the busy lifestyle and work culture, and convenience of whey protein or ready to drink whey protein products

Suppliers and wholesalers from all countries try to respond to this growing demand for whey protein. For instance, the market size of whey protein in 2020 was $9.19 globally, billion which increased to 10.63 billion 2022. As mentioned before, the size of market will expand about $ billion in 2024 and to more than $15 billion in 2026.

It is estimated that till 2028, the market size will reach to nearly 19 billion USD. The United States has a large market regarding whey protein and produces over 32% of world’s total production, of which 70% were shipped to other countries.

According to international trade statistics, value of whey shipped worldwide in 2021, was 5,554,089 USD. The United States, Germany, France, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Italy are the major suppliers and exporters of whey protein in the world.

China is the most key importer of this product, which imports nearly $1 billion annually (about one quarter of world total imported whey). South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and Mexico are other major importers and consumers of whey protein in the world.

Wholesale Protein powder supplier

Potential protein wholesalers

As demand and consumption of protein, especially whey protein, has been going up worldwide, potential producers and wholesalers would play an important role in responding the growing demands and stabilizing the market. Beside the increase of consumption of protein in regions like North America and Europe, demand for protein in Asia, especially China, has been growing significantly in post pandemic era.

For instance, in 2021, China alone imported one quarter of total worldwide exported whey protein. According to General Office of the State council’s Outline for Chines Food and Nutrition Development, Chinese people intake 58g protein daily, and they aim to increase it to at least 79g in near future.

Potential suppliers and wholesalers from rising countries regarding whey and other protein supplements, like Australia, New Zealand, India, and some Middle East countries, can respond to this growing demands. As international trade statistics show, 28.5% of Chinese imported whey protein shipped from the United States.

France with 11.5%, Netherland with 8.6%, Germany with 8.5%, Belarus with 6.7% and Poland with 5.1 were other major trade partner of China in whey protein. China imported only 1.7% of their needed protein from Neo Zealand and share of Austria, India and Middle East countries are very little, while they can potential suppliers of whey protein.

Potential protein wholesalers

Potential suppliers of protein, especially whey protein, can easily respond to the high demands of this products in post pandemic era. As the online trade or E-commerce has been advancing day by day (according to studies, in 2021, 42% of American customers did online shopping which shows a significant growth compared to 33% in 2020 and 27% in 2019) potential suppliers can play an important role in this growing market. Our company has a long experience in exporting dairy products and whey protein.

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