Whey Cheese for Sale

Whey cheese is a by-product of whey that is usually obtained by separating water from milk by adding acid, heating, or coagulating whey. After drying, this water turns into whey powder, which has many medicinal properties. It is a yellowish liquid, which contains protein, lactose and minerals in milk and contains all 9 essential amino acids for the body.

Due to the high properties of whey cheese and of course the cost-effectiveness of this product in the dairy industry, manufacturers produce whey cheese and its byproducts in high volume.

One of the most important things to be considered when buying whey cheese is its quality and percentage of protein. The percentage of protein in whey cheese can vary from 30% to 90%. There are also different types of whey cheese that you should keep in mind when buying.

Whey Cheese for Sale

Whey Cheese Types

Whey Cheese Types There are two kinds of whey cheese that you will encounter in the dairy industry:

  • Acid whey cheese – the whey making from cheese in which an acid has been added to aid in the curdling process. (Some types of mozzarella, lemon cheese, or farmer’s cheese).
  • Sweet whey cheese: The whey resulting from cheese that is cultured or curdled with rennet instead of additional acid. Yogurt whey fits in this category, as does soft cheese whey and traditional mozzarella.

Since whey cheese has many benefits and is one of the suitable options for dietary supplements, this substance is marketed in several products.

  • Whey cheese powder: Whey cheese powder is one of the products of whey that is especially popular among athletes.
  • Whey cheese concentrate: This product, which is one of the types of whey available as a rich source of protein, is one of the best choices for athletes.
  • Whey cheese concentrate powder
  • Whey cheese protein concentrate powder

What Are the Uses of Cheese Whey?

What Are the Uses of Cheese Whey? The beneficial uses for whey cheese

  • Replace whey in any recipe that requires water ( or even milk ) .
  • Use whey to ferment lacto vegetables, condiments, sauerkraut, chutney, jams and more.
  • To soak the seeds, in the style of nourishing traditions whey can be used.
  • Freeze it for later. You can easily freeze whey for future use.
  • To cook pastas, potatoes, oatmeal, or rice whey is used.
  • Add whey to soups and stews.
  • Add whey to homemade fruit smoothies, fruit slushies, or milkshakes.
  • Feed it to the pet.
  • Make whey lemonade.
  • Use whey to water your plants.
  • Feed extra whey to the farm critters.
  • Make ricotta. Ricotta cheese is traditionally made from whey.
  • Pour it in your compost bin.
  • Make a whey marinade.
  • Use whey to stretch your mozzarella.
  • Use leftover sweet whey to make this incredibly awesome vintage Lemon Whey Pie recipe.
  • Make Gjetost–a sweet cheese made from reduced whey.
  • Make lacto-fermented soda.
  • Use it as a brine for your homemade cheese.

Whey Cheese Manufacturer

Whey cheese manufacturer should know its business inside and out. Manufacturers want to supply the best whey cheese it can be. The high-end service that we strive for every day forms the foundation of the whey cheese market.We are proud that we have gained the satisfaction of our dear customers by producing quality products. Customer satisfaction is always a principle and a duty for us, which has allowed us to become an experienced supplier, across all country.

Our company produces and supplies a variety of dairy including full fat whey cheese and other byproducts in strict compliance with World Standards in Iran. Our expert group use the best raw materials with using modern technology so that we can meet the needs of our customers in the community, and provide competitive quality at the level of food production in the country and international markets.

Over the course of almost many years of production experience, alongside with striving to add healthy and nutritious food to the family nutrition basket, we are always committed to our business commitments throughout the supply chain and in relation to all stakeholders, especially customers (major buyers, retailers and consumers).

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